We can make more than just a model of your project.
We make it come alive.

Interactive and VR can help you to truly connect with your clients and to present your project in best possible way.
DSE provides modern and interesting way to present your unbuilt project through various new technological solutions.


We develop interactive Virtual Reality experiences for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. Working with us takes your real estate marketing to the next level with a fully customized, immersive experience for desktop or mobile.
Why Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality is the 2016 way to capture customer attention in an increasingly distracting world. Our global team of developers and 3D designers will bring all of your marketing ideas to life.

Interactive Apps

The perfect solution – whatever which content you need to
present to your clients
DSE provides interactive apps for presentation of your project and design.

Dynamic interactive presentations
Interactive gallery of 3D stills and Customize
Interactive walkthroughs and virtual tours of new spaces
Interactive 3D Masterplans and Maps
Supports Android devices, iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone (OSX)

REAL TIME – Unreal Walkthrough

Step into the virtual reality of your project
We can help you and your clients to step into the virtual reality of your project, to walk through the space, to take better look on your design or to change the furniture, colors or materials.

Unreal Walkthrough can be enhanced with the Oculus Rift.
Supports Android devices, iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone (OSX)

A better experience
with different view of your project.